Day 51/100. He didn’t so much enter the room as he materialized within it, instantly drawing the gaze of the woman at the front desk as she absentmindedly scrolled down the webpage she had just been, but was no longer, reading. His somewhat disheveled hair seemed to call out in hushed tones, “Brush me, if only for a moment.” He paused briefly as his eyes scanned the small office, taking note of the furniture layout and possible exits. Sitting forward on her ergonomic task chair ever so slightly, the woman at the front desk watched as he approached, stopping almost four feet from her lips, still clinging to the straw from her cup of ice water. “Judy?” he asked. “No,” said Karen. “My apologies,” he countered, and left the room by the same door through which he entered. “Huh,” thought Karen. #the100dayproject #100daysofburnhamish

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