The Batavia Schools mascot is a bulldog. Last spring, there was a student art show at the elementary school, and ceramic bulldogs painted by various families were displayed.

I did not submit an entry.

I did buy a bulldog, however, and eventually painted it during my daughter’s birthday outing to Ceramics on the Fox.

My bulldog is a tribute to the state of Michigan and all the water we left behind when we moved back to Illinois. Enjoy!

Concierto de la Caída

Clarkston Community Band Fall 2008 Concert poster

Clarkston Community Band Fall 2008 Concert poster

I am not a Spanish scholar. Apparently, neither is anyone else in the band. The intended translation in English should have been Fall Concert.

Fall as in Autumn.

Caida means fall as in “… if he steps off the ledge he will fall …”

I thought it was a nice poster, anyway.