Wow, what a contrast to yesterday! A little cool and humid from overnight rain and that pesky Low still hovering over the Southeast, but no rain. Still getting warmer. I would like to give a shout-out to Mason at Summit City Bicycles and Fitness for working out a better (read: safer) commuting route, and for the safe (albeit circuitous) back route to my apartment from the store.
I must say my earlier impression that Fort Wayne wasn’t bicycle-friendly is reversing. There are bike lanes downtown, a burgeoning network of trails along the rivers, and more “Share the Road” signs than I thought. If the Authorities that Be can lay paths along Coldwater and Wallen Roads, and a pedestrian bridge across the interstate, I think Fort Wayne could become one of the most pedestrian friendly cities in the region. And I mean that. I just don’t want to live here, sorry.