This has been a good weekend. Maybe not for the Gulf Coast with Hurricane Ike, but for me, things went quite well. Michigan was visited by the remnants of Tropical Storm Lowell Friday, so we were prepared for a rainy weekend. We have been quite dry for the last month or so, so the rain is welcome. Other contributing factors include: one daughter off camping with her Brownie Troop, the other daughter sleeping over at a friend’s house on Friday (and, having stayed up too late Friday, tired enough to fall asleep quickly Saturday night), finally hanging curtains in the living room (almost six years after moving in), and the purchase of a new computer and some furniture for Carolyn. I suppose the furniture is for me, too.

I gave blood Saturday morning and was able to give double reds, after failing to qualify the last two times I tried because I was one day early. With the recent glut of hurricanes and tropical storms, blood supplies are critical, and I am O-negative, which is always welcome. On the way back from the Red Cross I picked out a computer for Carolyn, whose old computer is painfully slow. For the last thirteen years I have been building computers myself and upgrading components as I could. This is the first time I have purchased a computer off the shelf, and I am actually happy to have paid the Geek Squad to set it up for me. It allowed me to get a haircut, go home for a while, and pick up a couple of end tables and a console table before retrieving the computer from the store.

Today, our Church service wasn’t too long or too terribly boring, and I was even able to eat lunch and mow the lawn before the remnants of Hurricane Ike hit us. The low spot in our yard is now under a few inches of water, unusual for late summer. It won’t last too long, but the ducks and frogs will be happy for a while. I am also making headway on cleaning my workshop in the basement, which has been a wreck for a few years. There is much I need to toss.

So, in all, a good weekend where I was able to have extended conversation with Carolyn, donate blood, buy stuff, and check some old tasks off the to-do list. Should have bought a lottery ticket.