When I joined Facebook almost five years ago, I thought to myself, “hey, what a great way to force my friends to read what I write!”

I didn’t need to maintain my own blog, and I could still fulfill my need to be read by people. I continued to maintain my website, but I did more format tweaking than I did posting. Facebook was for the short bursts of content, while the long-winded pieces would appear on my main site, with a link from Facebook. My long-winded posts are so long, I am having trouble finishing them. When will you see the follow-up posts to “My Bikes, Part 1: The Early Years” or even “Reflections on RAGBRAI XXXVII Part II: The Food?” Maybe soon.

I mostly use Facebook to be funny- I really can’t bring myself to take it seriously. I know some people who are always very sincere (which is not a bad thing) but I can’t do that for fear of validating Mark Zuckerberg. I do slip up from time to time, and I don’t make a joke. Sorry.

So, I’m going back to blogging, like I say every year about this time. I may de-content my Facebook collection of images so I can use my own site to showcase my talents, like my brother Jim (except for all the pictures of beer, who knows). I look forward to the five of you returning to burnhamish.com and seeing the new format I will undoubtedly start using.

In a parallel universe somewhere...