Simple enough word, “move.” It is my word for 2014, the concept I will focus on.

I have chosen one word because choosing one word for the year is cool. Resolutions are passé. Thirty-five percent of us who make New Year’s resolutions break them by the end of January, and only 23 percent of everyone who makes a resolution will see it through to completion [source:FranklinCovey]. I don’t know if I ever outwardly declared New Year’s Resolutions, but I know when I have made them to myself I failed to keep them. I am weak, so there.

Why “move?” It is simple and straightforward and can apply to most of the things I do. I will move my stuff (off the kitchen table), I will move my butt (away from the TV/computer/device), I will move the snow (off the driveway). I will not, however, move to a new house (at least not in the foreseeable future) no matter how much the current one frustrates me. I have to draw the line somewhere.

I will move my pencil across the sketch pad or my stylus across the iPad, whichever I happen to have handy at the time. I will move the ideas out of my head to someplace where I can refer to them later because it is getting crowded in there. I will move the fat in my midsection to wherever fat goes when you lose it. I would like very much to move myself across Iowa by bicycle during the last full week in July.

What I really want to do is move forward, but apparently I can only choose one word. Maybe next year I will choose “forward” and just keep doing what I’m doing.

Shoot, now I can’t get “I Like to Move It” out of my head.