Waterford resident John Burnham always intended to build a log rack from scrap lumber.

Relieved neighbors no longer “creeped out”

An area man, suspected of being a “scrap lumber hoarder,” revealed a crude but sturdy log rack on Saturday, made entirely from leftover pieces of lumber he had collected over the years living in Waterford Township. John Burnham, 44, maintains he always intended to build a log rack, and was just waiting until he had a few hours to spare. “I’ve been busy,” he admitted.

For several years, neighbors observed he never really put out much construction garbage following the numerous remodeling projects he claimed to be engaged in. “I admit I feared the worst,” noted his neighbor, Bob. “After watching a few episodes of Hoarding: Buried Alive (Sundays at 9/8C on TLC) I thought for sure this guy was one of, you know, those people.”

Carolyn Burnham, local professional organizer and green consultant, admitted that this was an economical solution to two concerns: the accumulation of scrap lumber in the basement and garage, and the growing pile of firewood John was splitting in the backyard.