Concierto de la Caída

Clarkston Community Band Fall 2008 Concert poster

Clarkston Community Band Fall 2008 Concert poster

I am not a Spanish scholar. Apparently, neither is anyone else in the band. The intended translation in English should have been Fall Concert.

Fall as in Autumn.

Caida means fall as in “… if he steps off the ledge he will fall …”

I thought it was a nice poster, anyway.

Great American Band Invitational

Promotional poster for the upcoming outdoor concert by the Clarkston Community Band and Ypsilanti Community Band.

Initially, I wanted to mimic the poster for the original Broadway production of the Music Man, but decided to play on the “invitational” aspect instead. Original art was hand drawn then scanned into Photoshop, where it was cleaned up and enhanced. Final layout in Illustrator.

“Musicals” font by the Brain Eaters Font Co.

John Goes Back in Time

Promotional poster/program cover for Clarkston Community Band.

This concert was a fanciful recreation of a 1940’s radio broadcast. The poster depicts Jack Teagarden and a microphone from the era. Images imported and manipulated in Photoshop. Fonts used: Onyx, Snell Roundhand, Bell Gothic.