Those of you who know me well understand my penchant for having the right tool for the right job. This extends beyond tools, as I have bike shoes, golf shoes, running shoes,  hiking shoes, waterproof shoes, dress shoes, steel-toe shoes, flip-flops for knocking around indoors, flip-flops for knocking around outdoors, sandals, work boots, snow boots, high tops, low tops, slippers, and even those shoes that have individual toes. I have a smartphone, an iPad, and a laptop. I have headphones, earbuds, wireless headphones, wireless earbuds, and a water bottle-shaped iPod speaker. I have two cats, three litter boxes, and four litter scoops.

I am the primary litter box custodian, for reasons that are shrouded in the mists of time. While not high on the list of marketable skills, I like to think cleaning the litter boxes almost exclusively for twelve of the last thirteen years gets me points, somewhere. At the very least, I want credit for knowing what works. I also like to think it is up to me to continuously improve my technique, and that means testing new tools!

The Amazing Litter-Lifter!

burnhamish highly recommends the Litter-Lifter.

For years I had used a litter pan sifting system that cleaned out the litter in one fell swoop, more or less. For reasons beyond the scope of this post, I have had to return to scooping. But, the old scoop was not up to the task. It was flimsy and did not adequately catch and retain small nuggets. I needed something that would not bend or break, but could more thoroughly sift. I tried a scoop with adjustable slots- gadgety, but ineffective. The heavy metal scoop was strong, but the small bits still got away as I shook the scoop free of clean litter.

Then I tried the Litter-Lifter. Best. Scoop. Ever. I does what it says- clean litter passes through quickly, and the clumpier bits get caught. It is sturdy for chopping and scraping. Like a Mac, it just works. With litter boxes on three levels of the house and the need to clean them every day or so, I bought a second Litter-Lifter. My wife does not understand why I need yet another scoop, when we already had three. The other scoops, while adequate, are not the best. I only choose the best.

Best six bucks I ever spent.